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Backstage Studio: Leg of a Tap Dancer during Unterricht

Tap Musicality
1 January 1970

Tap dancing is associated with music unlike any other form of dance. Through interactive exercises you learn essential musical basics. You refine your sense of rhythm and learn how to apply your knowledge in a choreography or improvisation. Nikolaj presents his musical ability, suitable for all levels!

Previous knowledge

Recommended experience: Introductory course.

Age Group

Suitable for all ages.

Trial lesson

A trial lesson is possible at anytime


Course started, entry any time possible without registration


0 Lessons, The fee is not yet known

Single lesson

CHF 30


  • With valid ASVZ-ID, student fee minus CHF 25
  • Booking of multiple courses 10%
  • Trimester flat fee CHF 900


The course fee is to be paid in advance, stating the course «Tap Musicality / Nikolaj» to account PC 18-225935-3, IBAN CH76 0900 0000 1822 5935 3, Backstage Studio, Regine Ochsner, 8004 Zürich.