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Can I take a trial lesson?

A trial lesson is possible at any time free of charge. Please contact your teacher before the lesson starts. Exception:  A registration is required for the introductory tap course and the trial lesson is subject to a fee.

Can I join an ongoing course?

You may join an ongoing course. Please register with your teacher at the studio or register via E-Mail. The course fee is calculated from the date of entry. You receive a payment slip at the studio or all payment details by email.

Can I make up missed lessons?

Missed lessons may be caught up within the current trimester.

Registration (Sign up)/ Sign off

How do I sign up?

You can register by email E-Mail, or with your teacher at the studio. Registration is required to join ongoing courses, for tap introductory courses, or for workshops. A registration is binding.

Do I have to re-register for the next trimester?

If you are already registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the following trimester.

Do I need to sign off?

If you are unable to or would no longer like to participate in a course, please notify us by e-mail. E-Mail.


How and how much do I have to pay?

The course fee is calculated by trimester and is due before the start of the course. Please pay to Postfinance account 18-225935-3, IBAN CH76 0900 0000 1822 5935 3, Backstage Studio, Regine Ochsner, 8004 Zurich with the remark of the course, e.g. «Tap A-M, Sabine, Jan-March 2017». The prices are listed on the detail view page of each course. Cash payments with your teacher are possible.

Are subscription-cards available?

The course fee is calculated by trimester. You have the option to pay for the whole trimester, with the option to make up missed lessons during the same trimester, or you may pay each class individually.

Can I pay single classes?

If you can not attend a course regularly, you have the possibility to pay for single classes (more expensive than paying for the whole trimester). If you choose this option, you must inform your instructor at the beginning of the trimester. Single classes are billed at the end of the trimester. You will receive a payment-slip at the studio or the payment details by e-mail. Payment must be made no later than the end of the trimester.


What is Tap?

Tap is Tap-Dance, not the Portuguese airline TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses.

What do I wear?

We recommend comfortable training clothes for all dance classes. There should be no street shoes, no dirty cloths in the dance rooms.

What kind of shoes do I wear?

Tap dance shoes are available for a free trial and for the entire introductory course. For jazz courses, we recommend socks or jazz dance shoes, and for HipHop courses clean sneakers.

Do you have changing rooms?

Separate changing rooms with showers are available to all course participants.

What do I do with my valuables?

Valuables should not be left in the changing room, please bring your valuables into the dance room.

Can I take drinks to the dance room?

Yes, drinks are allowed. For hygienic reasons, food is not allowed in the dance room.


Do you have performances?

Backstage Studio organizes recitals regularly, where the entire program is presented on stage. For kids and teens there are additional performances (e.g. Christmas Show, Züspa, etc.). All past and current shows are listed on the «Shows» page. 

Is there a show group?

The Backstage Studio Tap Company is regularly on stage with its spectacular shows and can be booked for various occasions. Please read more details on the «Shows» page.