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Welcome to Backstage Studio

Backstage Studio: Legs of tap dancers during class

New: Tap Introduction with Flavia 14 April – 16 June 2020

Get to know the first tap dance steps, cool beats and rhythms. Tuesdays 20.30 - 21.30 h. If you are interested please send us an E-Mail.

Backstage Studio: A tap dancer during class

New: Tap Improvisation with Nikolaj

Discover your passion for improvisation. Learn how to approach improvisation, develop your skills, and get comfortable improvising. Nikolaj will guide you.
Beginner / Intermediate / All levels

Backstage Studio: HipHop dancers during class

Dancehall with Debbie Zehnder and HipHop with Sandro Minasi

The two renowned HipHop Cracks Debbie Zehnder and Sandro Minasi are teaching at Backstage Studio! Both classes are available for all levels. Let's Vibe together!

Dancehall with Debbie / HipHop with Sandro