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HipHop is part of a youth culture that has emerged in the streets of New York City in the 1970s. Rap, DJing, B-Boying (Breakdance) and Graffity-Writing are the most important elements. HipHop dance was derived from Breakdance and renounced the powerful ground-acrobatic elements. Old School was the first to be divided into Locking, Popping, Waving and Housing. Through films such as «Step Up» a commercialization and popularity took place. Worldwide, HipHop Crews compete in competitions and battles. The Backstage Studio team includes prominent representatives of the HipHop scene in Switzerland.

Levels and experience

Find and choose your level. We recommend the following HipHop experience:


No previous knowlege

Beginner–Intermediate (B-I)

1-2 years


For all levels

Age Group

The courses are for all ages. We offer special courses for children (from 4 years) and teens (from 12 years). Please check our «Teens and Kids» courses.

Trial lesson

A trial lesson is anytime possible free of charge. Please check our «FAQ» for further information.


The courses are paid per trimester. The exact price is listed in the detailled view of every course. It is possible to book single lessons.

Hiphop instructors

Backstage Studio: Bella Farni performing

Bella Farni

works as an entertainer, dancer, choreographer, actress and singer. In her Show-Dance classes she combines elements of hip hop and jazz. Bella teaches to popular songs of the charts. Her classes are electrifying and full of energy.
Backstage Studio: Debbie Zehnder doing a split, sitting and leaning against a fence

Debbie Zehnder

is a passionate dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and co-founder of Dem-A!-Dis. Energetic lessons with a mix of Dancehall Basics and Ragga choreographies - Let's vibe together!
Backstage Studio: Sandro Minasi teaching HipHop class

Sandro Minasi

is one of the leading forces in the Swiss hip-hop scene. He is a co-founder of the award-winning group «Stylize». His style is characterized by Old School, House, Popping and B-boying. Sandro lives the hip-hop culture, is innovative and an inspiration for every dancer.

CoursesWeek of 8 — 14 July 2024

Tuesday, 9 July 2024

17:30-18:30 Show Dance / Bella Studio II

Thursday, 11 July 2024

18:00-19:00 House / Sandro Studio I
19:00-20:00 HipHop / Sandro Studio I