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Jazz Dance developed out of the various multicultural dance styles in the Untied States in the early 1920s. Original African and South American movement patterns were combined with classic western dance forms. Jazz Dance is a holistic body and movement training. Typical features are Insulation, Polycentric, and Contraction/Release. There are countless styles such as Lyric Jazz, Funky Jazz, Modern Jazz, etc. As a contemporary dance form, it is subject to constant changes and developments. Our renowned instructors present you the abundant and colorful facets of this dance.

Levels and experience

Find and choose your level. We recommend the following Jazz dance experience:

Beginner (B)

No previous knowledge

Beginner–Intermediate (B-I)

1-2 years

Intermediate (I)

approx. 3 years

Intermediate–Advanced (I-A)

4-5 years

Advanced (A)

6 or more years

Age Group

The courses are for all ages.

Trial lesson

A trial lesson is anytime possible free of charge. Please check our «FAQ» for further information.


The courses are paid per trimester. The exact price is listed in the detailled view of every course. It is possible to book single lessons.

Jazz Instructors

Backstage Studio: Rena Brandenberger performing

Rena Brandenberger

has completed her training as a dancer in Berlin. As a young choreographer, she is awarded for her productions. Her classes in contemporary dance are popular all over Switzerland.

Backstage Studio: Zoltan Farago performing

Zoltan Farago

inspires with his unique flowing, and passionate choreographies. His jazz classes are based on solid technique, lots of creativity and Hungarian charm!

CoursesWeek of 20 — 26 June 2022

Monday, 20 June 2022

20:30-21:45 Contemporary Jazz Int/ Rena Studio II

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

18:15-19:30 Jazz Beg–Int / Zoltan Studio I