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Cartier Williams Youth Program

Portrait of Cartier Williams while teaching a class at Backstage studio

About the Cartier Williams Youth Program

After a successful start in January 2017 we are happy to continue the CARTIER WILLIAMS YOUTH PROGRAM. Cartier Williams, the extraordinary New Yorker Tap Artist, shares his extensive experience and amazing talent with tap enthusiastic Kids and Teens between 6–16 years of age.

The CARTIER WILLIAMS YOUTH PROGRAM entails ongoing classes on Saturday, workshops and events which will be published regurarly. Following after the highlights «ZIGITYBOP!» and the SOMMERWORKSHOP will be the TAP & HIPHOP MUSICAL in February 2018.

Cartier Williams during class at Backstage Studio

Tap Program

Cartier Williams has developed a program to enhance and promote the skills of tap enthusiastic kids and teens. Rhythmic, musical, and technical skills will be improved and the tap repertoire enriched. His choreographies, his material and his ideas are taught here. The classes are taught by Cartier Williams, Regine Ochsner and Ursina Meyer. Joining is possible at any time.


TAP YOUTH Int-Adv Saturday, 12.00–13.00 h
TAP YOUTH Beg-Int Saturday, 13.00–14.00 h

Kids dancing in one line during class of the Youth program at Backstage Studio

Tap & HipHop Musical «FUN AT SEA», 12 – 16 February 2018

The Tap & HipHop Musical «FUN AT SEA» is the upcoming highlight of the CARTIER WILLIAMS YOUTH PROGRAM. The individual skills of the participating Kids and Teens will be enhanced in Tap, HipHop and Musical Theater. The Musical «FUN AT SEA», inspired by the New York Tap Artist Cartier Williams, will be performed at the end of the week. We offer a common lunch. For Kids and Teens from 6 years.


Cartier Williams, Regine Ochsner, Ursina Meyer, Danny Schmid


Monday–Friday, 12 – 16 February, 10 a.m.– 5 p.m., at Backstage Studio.


Friday, 16 February, 7 p.m. (free admission), at Theater GZ Heuried, Döltschiweg 130, 8055 Zürich. Map


CHF 450.–


E-Mail / Tel. +41 43 311 68 68


The attendees are responsible to be properly insured.