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Audrey Moreno

Backstage Studio: Audrey Moreno in dance pose

Moreno is co-director, choreographer and a member of the highly successful dance group «Bagesti Crew». The crew has, among other things, won Dance Off 2016 and 2013, Switzerland, 1st Place at MOVE2 Dance Competition 2015, Vienna, 1st Place at IDO Qualification Small Group 2014. «Bagesti Crew» was founded in 2009 and currently consists of seventeen dancers. Bagesti means «New Style» in Tagalog (Filipino). The crew visualizes the melody, the beat and the lyrics of a song in their own creative way. Audrey starts ballet lessons at 3 years of age and discovers her great passion for dance. With numerous further training courses at home and abroad, she consolidates her abilities. During her 7-month trip through London, Vienna, Malmö and Los Angeles, she joins the group EYE vol. 6, directed by Gigi Torres and performs in Las Vegas . She is dipl. architectural designer in retail design, in training as lighting designer.