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Valerie Tveiten

Backstage Studio: Valerie Tveiten in dance pose

Tveiten is a young and passionate HipHop / Urban Style dancer. Her dancing begins at Backstage Studio, at the age of 8 she started tap dancing and at the age of 12 she developed a new passion for Hip Hop / Urban Style. Thanks to her rapid dance progress, she was fast forwarded to an 18+ group by her current dance teacher Audrey Moreno (founder of Chibu Studio, Uster). Valerie has already gained a lot of national and international performance experience. She has appeared on the stage at events such as Big Bang Bern, Choreographers Night Zurich, Phenomenon Basel, Swiss championships, and in the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany and Austria. Valerie's strong work ethic has helped her win a number of awards at competitions. What she loves most, however, is dancing at events that want to bring the joy of dancing to the audience. In workshops or in camps, Valerie continues to train with international teachers. She enjoys choreographing and passing on her knowledge.