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Backstage Studio: Andrea Müller

Andrea Müller

is a member of the Backstage Studio Tap Company. Her pleasant teaching style and imaginative choreographies are full joy!
Backstage Studio: Audrey Moreno in dance pose

Audrey Moreno

is co-director and choreographer of «Bagesti Dance Crew». Audrey teaches "New Style", her own creative interpretation of melody and music. Audrey's enthusiastic and positive attitude towards life is contagious.
Backstage Studio: Avalon Rathgeb in dance pose

Avalon Rathgeb

is an outstanding UK based tap artist. She is promoted in the USA and performs internationally as a solo dancer. In London she teaches at the renowned Pineapple Dance Studios and is on Faculty at Arts Educational, Performers College.
Backstage Studio: Barbara Duffy performing during Zurich Tap Festival 2014 Concert

Barbara Duffy

is considered a brilliant pedagogue and is invited to festivals worldwide. Her excellent tap technique is the basis for many of today's young tap stars. Her courses are a must for all tap dancers.
Backstage Studio: Bella Farni performing

Bella Farni

works as an entertainer, dancer, choreographer, actress and singer. In her Show-Dance classes she combines elements of hip hop and jazz. Bella teaches to popular songs of the charts. Her classes are electrifying and full of energy.
Backstage Studio: Flouer Evelyn in dance pose


is part of the association Blues and More, and offers various Blues Classes in Backstage Studio. Flouer Evelyn from New York is one of the instructors.
Backstage Studio: Cartier Williams, Performance Zurich Tap Festival 2013

Cartier Williams

is considered an exceptional talent of the tap scene. With his Dadaist productions «Rhyhtm-Refix» and «Peter & The Wolf», he gets international attention. A new generation of Tap.
Backstage Studio: Daniel Borak performing

Daniel Borak

celebrates national and international engagements. He teaches the latest trends and tricks of the international tap dance scene. Enjoy his musicality and inspiring choreographies!
Backstage Studio: Danny Schmid performing

Danny Schmid

is devoted to dance with body and soul. He is an excellent and experienced pedagogue for children and adults. As dance captain of the «Backstage Studio Tap Company» he has been performing for many years.
Backstage Studio: Danny Nielsen, Performance Zurich Tap Festival 2014

Danny Nielsen

is an outstanding and exceptional talent from Canada. He teaches at the big Festivals worlwide and thrills audiences in his productions and performances. We are very proud to have Danny Nielsen teaching in Backstage Studio since 2012.
Backstage Studio: Debbie Zehnder doing a split, sitting and leaning against a fence

Debbie Zehnder

is a passionate dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and co-founder of Dem-A!-Dis. Energetic lessons with a mix of Dancehall Basics and Ragga choreographies - Let's vibe together!
Backstage Studio: Derick K. Grant, Performance Zurich Tap Festival 2012

Derick K. Grant

Is simply one of the most outstanding and inspiring tap artists of our time! His productions «Imagine Tap!» and «A Night Out: Tap» tour all over the USA. His teaching is highly motivating.
Backstage Studio: Dodo Usteri dancing with ballroom partner

Dodo Usteri

is co-founder of the dance school DanzaMania. She teaches ballroom dance with emphasis on Salsa Cubana. Workshops and private lessons are held at Backstage Studio.
Backstage Studio: Estefanía Porqueras in dance pose

Estefanía Porqueras

is a virtuoso tap artist from Barcelona. She shines in the international tap company «Camut Band» and is a faculty member of the well-known dance school Escola Luthier in Barcelona.
Backstage Studio: Flavia Gosteli in dance pose

Flavia Gosteli

is a co-choroegrapher and a member of «Tap Dan’s Company», the company of Daniel Borak. She interprets songs in a rhythmically exciting variety, and her lessons are a pleasure for beginner to advanced students.
Backstage Studio: Ira Zaichenko

Ira Zaichenko

is a professional dancer and choreographer from Ukraine. She was a dancer on «Chapkis Dance Family» (USA) and on «So you think you can dance» (UK).
Backstage Studio: Isabel Reinecke in dance pose

Isabel Reinecke

is Tap Swiss Champion 2022 and member of the Backstage Studio Tap Company. She loves to share her great skills and enthusiasm for dancing in kids & teens classes.
Backstage Studio: Jason Samuels Smith in a jump tap dancing

Jason Samuels Smith

is one of the established tap artists. For his work as dancer, choreographer and director he received numerous awards. He is regarded worldwide as an advocate and spokesperson of tap.
Backstage Studio: Lane Alexander Performance during Backstage Studio-Zurich Tap Festival 2014 Concert

Lane Alexander

is artistic Director and founder of the «Chicago Human Rhythm Project». As an experienced pedagogue, he teaches outstanding technique and musicality for all levels.
Backstage Studio: Maya Büeler in dance pose

Maya Büeler

loves the solo Charleston because it is pure joy of life. She teaches this niche dance with a lot of humor and pedagogical know-how.
Backstage Studio: Michel Briand in dance pose

Michel Briand

is one of the most renowned teachers on the Swiss dance scene. His choreographies from contemporary and jazz dance are a pleasure for all levels.
Backstage Studio: Mory Rüfenacht in dance pose

Mory Rüfenacht

has been an enthusiastic and captivating tap dance teacher for children and seniors for twelve years.
Backstage Studio: Nikolaj Bauer during improvisation session

Nikolaj Bauer

is a motivational tap dancer and a professionally trained tap dance teacher. He shares his tap knowledge acquired in Barcelona and his great passion for improvisation is inspiring.
Backstage Studio: Regine Ochsner in dance pose, one leg raised high in the air

Regine Ochsner

is the founder and director of Backstage Studio. After her long career as a professional dancer, she shares her profound knowledge with children, teens and adults with enthusiasm and motivation.
Backstage Studio: Rena Brandenberger performing

Rena Brandenberger

has completed her training as a dancer in Berlin. As a young choreographer, she is awarded for her productions. Her classes in contemporary dance are popular all over Switzerland.
Backstage Studio: Ruben Sanchez in dance pose

Ruben Sanchez

has been invited to workshops and festivals worldwide since 2007 and regularly teaches in the Professional Tap Program at the Escola Luthier Dannsa in Barcelona.
Backstage Studio: Sabrina Reolon in dance pose

Sabrina Reolon

is one of the most sought-after freelance contemporary dancers and teachers in Switzerland.
Backstage Studio: Sandro Minasi teaching HipHop class

Sandro Minasi

is one of the leading forces in the Swiss hip-hop scene. He is a co-founder of the award-winning group «Stylize». His style is characterized by Old School, House, Popping and B-boying. Sandro lives the hip-hop culture, is innovative and an inspiration for every dancer.
Backstage Studio: Sibylle Schweizer performing

Sibylle Schweizer

is graduated pedagogue, dance and acrobatics instructor. Teaching with children is especially important to her. Her classes are motivating, playful and full of fantasy.
Backstage Studio: Ursina  Childs in dance pose

Ursina Childs

is already as a child a promising tap talent. She attracts attention from international tap teachers and receives scholarships to the biggest festivals in the USA. She convinces with a fresh, modern tap dance style.
Backstage Studio: Valerie Tveiten in dance pose

Valerie Tveiten

is a young passionate HipHop / Urban Style dancer. As an exceptional talent and protégé of Audrey Moreno, she already performs on international stages. She loves to share her joy of dancing.
Backstage Studio: Zoltan Farago performing

Zoltan Farago

inspires with his unique flowing, and passionate choreographies. His jazz classes are based on solid technique, lots of creativity and Hungarian charm!