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Kris Rajic

Backstage Studio: Kris Rajic in dance pose

Rajic is an excellent dancer and qualified educator. After graduating from the ZTTS (Zurich Dance Theater School) he is a trained dancer in modern stage dance. He has many years of teaching experience in street, jazz and modern dance at various schools across Switzerland, including Tanzwerk 101 Zurich, ASVZ Zurich, Dance Town Wettingen, and  Weinfelden Music School. He is also co-author of the book Musik aktiv «Streetdance with Kris». He choreographs for various events, and is responsible for the coordination and organization of the kids program at Tanzwerk 101. In addition to his dance career, he is currently completing a Master of Arts degree in Italian & French, as well as a teaching diploma for A levels at the University of Zurich.